When you think a legal issue has occurred it is much more cost effective if you consult a lawyer before taking any steps to deal with it yourself. We have seen firsthand how a small problem can get out of control when one tries to deal with it themselves without the advice of legal counsel. Before the issue compounds into a disaster you need a smart legal strategy in place now. Once you have the right strategy in place, you will have peace of mind that you are not creating a bigger issue with your actions.

If your case is related to business you should know that Wayne Ryan is a former CEO and will provide real world insight into your situation like no other corporate lawyer.

Not all lawsuits make it to the courts. We have successfully mediated several cases over the years helping all parties find resolution so they are able to move forward with their lives. Along with having a strong strategy to win your case, communication is usually the key to successful mediation. At Ryan Law Group we pride ourselves on resolving issues quickly and as pain free as possible. Mediation is always the first choice but if the situation escalates we will be fully prepared.

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