Ryan Law Group is your best choice for your business as Wayne Ryan, Ryan Law Group CEO, has been actively involved in business for many years. Ryan Law Group has handled various corporate legal cases and has the experience to help you whatever your needs may be. We are here to make sure that your commercial transactions are legal. Depending on your needs we will tap into our knowledge of contracts, taxation, bankruptcy, local zoning, IP or Intellectual property laws, licensing among other aspects of business. We’ll make sure your business transaction is in compliance with local, provincial and federal laws.

We cannot emphasise enough that it is critical that you connect with a lawyer as soon as possible and get a good strategy in place. Some individuals and companies we have worked with come to us when it is too late, they have already taken actions that can cause harm to their case. Having a strategy to deal with your situation is as important as choosing the right Law Firm.

At Ryan Law Group we pride ourselves on helping our clients with an effective strategy that will ensure optimal results. You may think it is wise to take certain actions to “help” your case. We recommend the next action you take is to call us, book an appointment so we can work together on a smart strategy to maximise the chance of a positive outcome for you.

Here is a partial list of the services we can offer:

  • Business Legal Advice (Wayne Ryan Is A Former CEO)
  • Business Contracts
  • Incorporation
  • Employee Hiring
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Buying A Business
  • Business Sale Completion
  • Selling Assets Or Shares
  • And more...

To ensure the process runs smoothly and you are getting the best outcome we need to gain a deep understanding of your needs. As a CEO of 8 years for a large manufacturing business, Wayne Ryan has the real world experience to understand the complexity of businesses and partnerships. You’ll find that most situations relating to business legal issues have to be treated in a certain way. It is critical that you retain a lawyer immediately to ensure you have a winning strategy in place. On many occasions we have seen our clients compound their problems by trying to deal with a situation on their own, without legal advice. My first piece of advice to you is to drop everything and retain a lawyer immediately. Make sure you have a strategy now so you don’t continue to make mistakes that could cause harm to you and your business.

We recommend you give us a call today to ensure you have a great strategy in place for your case - 604 271-8078.

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