It is important that you find a family lawyer that takes extra care and attention to your situation ensuring a resolution is reached efficiently and amicably. We are a family run law firm that truly empathizes with our client’s situations and want to make sure that your case is handled with care and compassion. We have handled many family law issues over the years and have seen it all. Family law issue are dealt with promptly and resolutions are found quicker than in most cases.

Family legal matters can be complex with multiple parties involved. It is in everyone’s best interest to resolve the situation before it reaches the courts. We work diligently with all parties, their lawyers and advisors to ensure everyone buys into the resolution. Amicable mediation is always the first option but if a case turns complex we will ensure that you have a smart strategy that takes care of your best short term and long term interests. However if there is a need to fight on your behalf you cannot find another Law Group that will work harder for you. We are up to date on the latest legislation in regards to the BC Family Law Act.

Ryan Law Group handles matters involving:

  • Divorce
  • Child and Spousal Support
  • Property
  • Uncontested Divorce
  • Adoption
  • Abuse

It is imperative to get a strategy in place as soon as possible and to take no further action resolving your situation without the guidance of a family law professional. Call us today for a free consultation on your situation 604 271-8078.

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