Common misconceptions about wills are that they cost more than they are worth.

The value of a will is peace of mind that your estate will be handled exactly as you wish. Wills are a clear communication to family what your personal desires are for your estate. All you want is your loved ones to be taken care of; a will is your way of communicating your desires. There are variations of wills along with their costs so you need to know which one is needed for your unique situation. Wills can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars with most people needing a will that would cost around $450. You have to make sure that the will being recommended to you is what you need not what your lawyer wants. At Ryan Law Group we just want you to provide the best service to you at the most effective cost. You will not pay a dime more than needed for your unique situation, guaranteed.

Ryan Law group is a family run business. We know how important family is and we treat each of our clients as an extension of our own family because we care about people. Sometimes you may need help in deciding who will be the beneficiaries of your estate or who will be best suited to be the guardian of your children. We have been involved in many cases and can help guide you on making the right decisions for you and your family.

It is critical that a will follows the guidelines of provincial laws and is set up to be resolved quickly. Ryan Law Group always has your best interest in mind making sure you have a cost effective service that takes care of you and your family’s best interests. Call us today for peace of mind tomorrow - 604 271-8078.

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